Our Services

We are experts in the completion of ICI Sector projects.

Parkwest Projects Ltd. is a full-service commercial construction firm. The accumulated wealth of construction knowledge amongst our team allows us to provide incredible value to each of our clients from concept to completion through the following services:

  • Pre-Construction Services

  • Construction Services

    • General Contracting

    • Construction Management

    • Design-Build

    • And More…

  • Commercial Property Maintenance & Repairs


Pre-Construction Services

We have the ability to deliver value to your construction project well before shovels hit the ground. We do this through our various pre-construction services. We do this through the following services:

  • Schedule Projections

  • Budget Preparation

  • Constructability Reviews

  • Construction Process Alternative Analysis

  • Risk Assessment

  • Design Influence


Construction Services

Whether your project is a new-build, renovation, or addition, we will get the job done right for you. The below list details the various construction services we provide to our clients:

  • General Contracting

  • Construction Management

  • Design-Build

  • Subcontractor for Concrete Work

  • LEED Standards Construction Coordination

Our ability to self-perform large portions of the work on our projects allows us to bring greater value for dollar services to each project. This includes owning all our own equipment, providing greater flexibility in the construction process. Of greatest importance, the extent of self-performed work allows us to maintain a greater extent of quality control of activities on site. Our self-performed services include:

  • Concrete Form Work

  • Rebar Installation/Rod Busting

  • Reinforcing Concrete Placement

  • Concrete Line Pumping

  • Backfill and Ground Works

  • Demolition

  • Rough Carpentry

  • Framing

  • Finishing Carpentry

  • Fill in Gaps of Subtrade Work


Commercial Property Maintenance & Repairs

Another unique service that Parkwest Projects provides to many of our clients is commercial property maintenance and repairs to buildings. This service can be provided regardless of if we were involved in the construction of the building requiring service. Services provided can range from fixing a door to inspecting a leaky roof drain, to repairs to the building’s crawl space.


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