Our Story



Incorporated by brothers Randy & Grant Clegg. Parkwest was founded with a focus on quality, having a strong work-ethic, and being a leader in the facilitation of remote construction projects. The first office location was in Randy’s basement on West Gate in St. Andrews, Manitoba.


2B Mish School 2.jpg

Parkwest Projects landed its first major project after being selected to construct the Missabay Community School on the Mishkeegogamang First Nation located near New Osnaburgh, Ontario.



At the turn of the century, Parkwest Projects began to grow rapidly. This saw the company move into its official office location at 1077 Oxford Street in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where it remains today. The office has seen numerous additions and renovations to accommodate the growth.



Over the next number of years, Parkwest Projects continued its growth through more and bigger projects. As the completed projects grew, so did the team of hard working individuals, the equipment used to support our operations improved, and our reputation as a high quality builder began to spread.


10 Years.JPG


~1,200 projects of varying size and scope later, Parkwest Projects reached its 10-year anniversary in 2008.


15 Years.PNG

Parkwest continued to grow, quality projects continued to be completed, and the company reached its 15th anniversary.



Parkwest Projects obtained its largest project at the time in École Rivière-Rouge. This project was regarded as a major success in terms of early schedule achievement and overall quality of the build.


Randy Retirement.jpg

2018 was a year filled with a number of exciting events for Parkwest Projects.

  • Parkwest Projects reached another milestone of 20-years in business

PPL - 20 Years Logo.png
  • After serving as Parkwest Projects President for 20-years, a term as Chair of the Winnipeg Construction Association, and many other important roles that influenced the construction industry for the better, Co-Founder Randy Clegg retired. His brother, Grant Clegg assumed the role of President & CEO.



We are a team of Community Builders.

We have the most experience, efficiency, and effectiveness when it comes to building community infrastructure. Our people are extremely competent in identifying and actively managing risks of every project, even those that are not in their direct control. Our range of projects contributing to the better future of communities includes but is not limited to:

  • Water & Sewage Treatment Plants

  • Schools & Day Cares

  • Convenience/Grocery Stores

  • Gas Stations & Fuel Facilities

  • Commercial Retail Buildings

  • Other Community Oriented Projects


Be Part of
Our Story.



To be the leader in the successful completion of projects that contribute to the future growth of our communities, by combining a passion for craftsmanship, teamwork, and innovation.


To ensure every project is on time, cost-effective, safely built, and a successful result of hard work, quality craftsmanship, teamwork, and shared trust.


Our Values & Actions


We believe in Teamwork

We are eager to help and include each other

We share information and knowledge openly with everyone involved

We collaborate with our clients, consultants, sub trades, and colleagues


We believe in Trustworthiness

We do what we say we are going to do

We commit to the project and follow through

We have trust in others and act to earn the same


We believe in Craftsmanship

We will continually improve our skills

Quality work is the only option

Our skill is what defines our pride


We believe in Hard Work

We work intelligently and vigorously on every task to complete it

We re-organize and re-prioritize to stay on budget

We manage our time effectively to keep to the schedule


We believe in Respect

Every opinion matters and ideas are considered fairly

We elevate the goals of our clients and consultants

We give regard to everyone’s abilities and qualities



Parkwest Projects is a proud member and supporter of each of the following organizations:



As community builders, it is important to Parkwest Projects that we give back to the organizations and charities in the areas we work and live. Below is a sample of the organizations we have been proud to support through company events and other fundraising methods: